Who Am I?

Hello there! I am Jeanny and I love cooking it’s my passion and most especially i love eating. I am inspired of what a simple combination of ingredients can be made of into a delicious dish. I am happy when cooking it’s like therapeutic thing whenever I’m in the kitchen. With love in food and cooking I I decided to take this into the next level so… I decided to undergo professional training on how to be a chef. I am currently working as a chef and I’m loving it it EVERYDAY! But this website is not about how to do it in a professional cheffy style cooking instead this is my way of sharing my simple home cooking to everybody who also like me loves cooking. I hope you like the site and please feel free to comment and try the recipes and anything you would like to see on the site in the future. Just drop a comment if you have suggestions or recommendations. Hope you enjoy browsing what I have to offer.


Where to Find?

My blog has instagram, twitter, facebook account. Please do follow and feel fee to comment for any suggestions anything that you would like me to try to cook and also you can share your recipes and let’s enjoy cooking!