Roasted Pork Belly

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Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is so excited about the one a year much awaited fun holiday. This is the time to spend with the family, relatives and friends. One on the list to do is food to prepare on Christmas. This is the time when we indulge ourselves to food we don’t really eat in everyday basis. This dish is one of the traditional food in the Philippines for all especial occasions especially Christmas and is very simple that you can even cook it with your eyes closed.



  • 3 kg  pork belly with skin on
  • 1 tin of beer(any beer you fancy)
  • salt


  1. Rub the salt on the skin of the pork belly evenly.
  2. Place the meat in a deep baking tray and pour in the beer.
  3. Roast for atleast 2 hours at 160C
  4. . You can serve this with any side dishes and you can make gravy from the sauce. I did aubergine and potato salad.


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